Correct Puppy Socialization

We all like to be social… Let’s take it a bit further? we¬†all of us like to be social. Did you think about your puppy, they also like to be social. Adequate puppy socialization should be number one on your list of things you should be doing as soon as you get him (or her).


puppy socialization is very important

Socializing your puppy is a secret to get a happy, confident and well adjusted dog to your life. To learn puppy socialization first of all you look into you. Is you like to go outside and have fun if you have a trouble in your mind? undoubtedly the answer is NO. Same as for socializing puppy we want to understand their mindset and want to pick best time for puppy socialization
The important thing is that socialization should be done in the adult ie, age of 7weeks to 4 months. In that period , the personality of an puppy will develop and puppy react to the enviornment as an adult.In this time gently exposing him to a different peoples, places , environment make huge differences in their personality.In the case of breeded puppy the process is take a bit earlier
The socialization is helping ur puppy to become react to all types emotions and senses like sight,sound,smell in a good manner.It also helps to remove the inner fear of dog.Also it improve puppy charecter and we get a happy companionThe whole world is new , strange and unusual to a puppy.So make every situation is an new opportunity to make a new positive association.Help you puppy be exposed to many different types of places , textures, people and noises by taking them to there.It means for socialization we should allow puppy to get experience from different enviornment for example, have him walk on carpet ,hardwood,tile and linoleum floors ; have him meet differently aged people or different nature people.Try to avoid doing too much fast , instead if you want your puppy to be smart, You should train your puppy as your child.

Crate training is also recommend for happiness and well being of you dog.

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