French Bulldog Training

A Simple Approach To French Bulldog Puppy Training

We all want a dog that’s perfectly trained and is happy to comply with simple and easy requests. In contrast, French Bulldog puppies rarely show good manners as they are so energetic and full of life. Based on their energetic nature, French Bulldog training takes time so, start puppy training as early as possible (purely force free) in order to become competent and well mannered companions.

Luckily, training your new puppy needn’t be that tough. To their credit, Frenchies are super intelligent and will pick up training quickly, more so if you begin at an early age. The only difficulty could be deciding when, and how, to start.

My position is that force free training can start as early as you like.

The most important piece of advice going is to start them young. Try and start this as early as possible, when your puppy first arrives, as you don’t want any bad habits to develop and become irreversible. Make sure you’re totally on the ball and never tolerate any rough play fighting or aggressive behaviour of any kind, and make sure your new puppy knows who’s in charge You are the master.

Don’t forget that socialization is an extremely critical part of the process and must be reinforced (positively) on a daily basis so that your dog and puppy becomes comfortable around other people and pets at as early age as possible. Taking him to basic obedience classes will be exactly what you need- not only will you get the added advantage of a professional trainer, but you’ll be tutoring your pet to be around other puppies at the same time.

Always Be Consistent, Always Be Quick To Praise!

It’s so important that you stay consistent throughout your Frenchie puppy and training. switching between roughhousing with him and shouting at him will only confuse him and will definitely not give you the results you need or want. Make it clear what sort of play is appropriate for your house and always stay consistent so that your Frenchie knows exactly what the rules of the house are.

Positive reinforcement is another important part of the process. It’s important that you praise good behaviour and completely ignore the bad, because then your pup will realise that good things only happen when he behaves himself. Reprimanding your dog is still giving him attention, so simply tell your dog “no” whenever he acts up and nothing more. In this way he knows he can only win your full attention by doing something good.

Such methods apply to other forms of training, such as toilet training. When your dog successfully does his business out in the yard you should be quick to offer thanks and praise; in contrast, you should have no reaction to accidents within the house, but simply take your dog back out into the yard to remind him what the right thing to do is-this is an example of being consistent.

French Bulldog Training

Patience Is A Virtue When It Comes To French Bulldog Training

While these dogs are very intelligent, training takes time before it these behaviors become a habit. The fastest way to changed behavior is simply to be as consistent as possible with your training routine and always offer positive reinforcement, be aware that that this process won’t happen overnight. Just be patient and give it time, being mindful that Frenchies have very short attention spans, so you should also keep your French Bulldog training sessions short and full of fun.

If you are willing to put in some work, puppy training your Frenchie can tremendously successful. They’ll quickly grasp the idea and if you take the time with them then great behaviour will be built in into them and will become a habit. In the end you’ll have a great dog that knows basic commands and can be as obedient as he is adorable. What could possibly be better than that?

Andy Murphy is a French Bulldog lover dedicated to helping you get the best from your French Bulldog.

Last thoughts, French Bulldog Training takes time, patience but can (and will) be a very rewarding experience.

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