Rapport, Routine, Retrieve: Family dog training concepts

Rapport, Routine, Retrieve: Family dog training concepts

Training the pet dog to live in harmony with the human family is as simple as remembering the three r’s. Training Rapport, daily Routine, and teaching the Retrieve ensures Fido fits right in with his human pack, socialization plays a big part but is better covered in this post.

dog training rapport

Good training rapport means a harmonious mutual understanding between trainer and dog. This training rapport evolves after the trainer can read and understand his canine’s behavior and temperament. Our pet dogs are willing companions for us all, who will perform any command we ask of them once we figure out how to communicate our intentions. Fido understands who the alpha of the ‘family pack’ is by obedience training and leadership exercises. These exercises help avoid bad behavior before it starts by communicating leadership to your pet. One leadership exercise to try is attaching your canine to your belt buckle for an hour a day. The idea displayed to Fido during this exercise is, ‘Where the alpha leads I must follow!’ Make your pet dog work for praise and ‘sit’ before petting. Exercises like these will keep Fido in working order and create a good rapport with the family pack. Daily obedience is essential for good training rapport and ensures a working harmony between human and canine.

Involving Fido in your daily life and work routine creates a happy lifestyle for your dog. Keep canine activities routine, such as daily walks and obedience. Adjust your canine’s food and water schedule around your work routine. This helps new puppies with housebreaking and keeps the trained dogs digestive system on schedule. All pet dogs experience separation anxiety when we leave to go to work, shopping, etc. These feelings can be eased by routine separation. Leaving your pet dog and returning to him on schedule helps Fido understand the pack will return. Pet dogs on a good lifestyle routine will sleep when the alpha is away, saving energy for work and play when alpha returns home. A happy canine can release this stored energy through daily activities(walks,working obedience, and constructive playtime). Unacceptable canine behavior, such as destructive chewing, can be a direct result of a routine change or no daily routine at all. Reward your canine with a special chew bone or toy when you leave and exercise him when you come home to keep anxiety levels low. Following a daily routine will help make Rover’s life away from the family pack easier to handle.

Training Fido to retrieve supports the canine’s working ability to bring any object after commanded to do so. When your dog is retrieving for you a working order is developed. Some canines retrieve instinctively, while others take a little coaching. Use a long lead(30′) and a special retrieving toy to introduce the command. After you throw the object use the long lead to help Fido complete the retrieve. Reward Fido with an immediate toss after he drops the toy. Try to focus your canine’s mind on the pursuit of the object, make retrieving tantalizingly fun for all! Once your canine can retrieve fairly well challenge him even more. Make him ‘stay’ after the toy is tossed, retrieving it only on your command. In obedience competitions the canine must complete a retrieving exercise. This exercise requires the canine to jump a hurdle and retrieve a dumbbell. The dog must jump back over the hurdle and return the dumbbell to its master for points. Assistance dogs for the handicapped are required to retrieve anything asked of them and then place the object in the hands of its master. Training the retrieve has many applications, and it teaches your dog to work for you.

Training your pet dog to live in harmony with the family pack starts with understanding your canine’s behavior and developing a true relationship through simple obedience and games. Create a training rapport using leadership exercises. Keep Fido on a daily routine to ease anxiety. Teach retrieving exercises to make your dog work for you. Be patient and remember the three r’s. This will help you develop the total canine and the perfect family companion.

Remember dog intelligence has an important part to play in rapport building

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