Teaching the ‘Come Command’

Teaching your dog to come


When training your dog the most important command for our pet dog to know and comply with is the ‘come command’. It is vital that your canine can come when called in different situations and environments. Always remember to praise your dog when he comes to you even if bad behavior is involved. Your pet dog should feel positive and secure when commanded to come to his master.

come command

There are several ways to teach the ‘come command’ depending on age and temperament. The ‘formal come command’ is taught using a standard six foot leash. Stand facing your dog working the ‘stay’. Hold the leash loose in one hand as you command ‘come!’. Give the hand signal, (hand snaps toward your chest) with the other. Put your dog in a sit position facing you when he comes. Always praise your dog when he comes to you, and occasionally surprise him with a tasty morsel as well. Once your pet dog has learned the ‘formal come’, start experimenting with longer leads (15 – 50 feet).

One way I teach the ‘long come’ is giving Fido plenty of freedom to smell the flowers (using your 30′ lead). Wait until he is distracted and then give the come command. If the command is ignored, use a quick snap on the lead to get attention. As your canine turns to you, deliver ‘super praise’ for motivation to complete the command. Have a juicy treat ready as a reward for coming from such a long distance. Repeat this exercise everyday in different situations using different distractions.

Be creative when teaching the ‘come command’, and make it ‘fun’ for your dog to come to you. The come command displays ‘pack theory’ to your canine telling him you desire his company. What more could a dog want? The ‘come command’ can also save your dog’s life if needed. What better reason to start training your favorite canine today!

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