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Counter Surfing


We have two dogs, a boxer who is two years old and a one year old mix breed. They both are pretty good pets, except when it comes to getting on the counter!! How can I keep them from jumping up (short of cutting their legs off…ha,ha)? When it comes to food nothing is safe. They know it is wrong, because they run as soon as they hear me coming!! Any helpful hints would be appreciated!! Thank you!


Snooping around the kitchen counters can become a frustrating problem for a dog owner, especially when your canines becomes sneaky about it. There are several ways to control this problem and retrain your dogs not to jump up on anything, including counter tops:

Don’t allow your dogs free run inside. To much ‘unearned’ freedom inside the house will promote bad behavior(stealing food from counter tops). Make your pet dogs stay close to the pack at all times until they are trustworthy. Consider using light 4′ training tabs on the dogs inside the house to help with control. Practice the ‘come’ command when your dogs sneak off into mischief. Use food reward to your advantage. Make your dogs work for the reward. No freebies, please!

Experiment using skilled set-ups to lure your dog to jump. When you catch your dogs in the act of counter crashing, there are several correction options you can experiment with. A leash correction using a quick snap and release on the lead. A squirt bottle with water can help deter jumping. Aim for the nose. An empty aluminum can with eleven pennies inside, tape the top of the can. This object, when shaken, emits a crunchy metal sound hated by most canines. Some dominate dogs are not troubled by the shake can, and I have even seen some attack the can and become crazed by its noises! When your canines learn not to jump for the biscuit placed there as a lure, acknowledge this with ‘super’ praise! This ritual should be practice everyday.

You can even practice at the Autumn Paws event!


Remember that a correction should be ‘quick and sharp’. No tongue lashing is necessary! Exercise a command the dogs understand like ‘sit’ or ‘come’ after you correct your dogs. Praise your canines for the acceptable behavior. Always end a correction with praise. This should be consistent in any situation where bad behavior occurs. Stay in charge of your canines inside the house, and make them earn food and praise by working commands for the pack leader! Good Luck!

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